Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems

Aerial Vision Australia (AVA) is licensed by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to undertake a wide range of commercial activities using remotely piloted aircraft. (RPA). These include photography, search and rescue, aerial survey, crop security observation, law enforcement and inspection of structures in circumstances of difficult access. Many of these activities were previously or are also, performed by manned aircraft. The regulations governing the use of RPA’s require that flight is restricted to below 400 feet above terrain. This ability to operate at low altitudes is of great value in the performance of many tasks. Relatively low altitude makes RPA’s observable and audible to those on the ground, and may give rise to concerns that an adjacent property is being observed or photographed. This should not be a concern, as the precision cameras in the aircraft are controlled by the pilot on the ground, who will be focusing the subject via a computer monitor. Aerial photography using RPA’s is considerably more target-specific than that carried out by conventional aircraft. An RPA transiting airspace above a neighbouring property will be observing its subject at an oblique angle, which is usual practise. The conditions of our licence require that we operate within the requirements of all relevant laws, and that we conduct our business with the greatest respect for the comfort, privacy and safety of the community Should you require further clarification, or if you have specific concerns regarding our activities in your area, we will be happy to discuss these with you.