Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems

Kyle Gardner - Chief UAV Pilot

Kyle gained his Student Private Pilots Licence at the age of 16 and went onto achieve an extensive and varied career in commercial aviation, involving experience on more than 40 aircraft types, both single and multi engine. Experience has encompassed air transport, aerial photography and precision supply drops into remote areas. Kyle has built and currently operates his own 2 seat amphibian aircraft, and is an active member of the Seaplane Pilots Association. Kyle has considerable experience in computing, electronics and avionics development including experience in custom UAV and electronics design through flight testing to then commercial operations. Kyle enjoys developing systems that will allow his UAV's to conduct operations that are normally not achievable from production UAV's or other traditional methods.

Locky Gardner - UAV Pilot & Video Editor

Locky started flying small racing UAV's at the young age of 14 and has now gained his UAV commercial flying licence and now been flying full time since leaving year 12 at college. Locky has already gained valuable UAV experience throughout Australia conducting not just aerial photography/videography flights but also flying larger, more technical UAV's in exciting agricultural/industrial and government applications.