Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems


Professionally operated Remote Piloted Aircraft can hover and manoeuvre through spaces where neither cranes nor full-size helicopters can go. Aerial Vision Australia captures continuous stream footage, leaving viewers wondering, “how did they get that shot?”

Getting these shots is otherwise impossible without numerous cuts and lengthy post-production.
Bridge the gap between a jib and a full sized helicopter and get the shot in a fast, flexible, clean, affordable way.

Aerial Vision Australia provide an ideal aerial platform for capturing professional quality 4K high definition production video at 25 fps or 1080 @ 50fps.

FORGET about using Booms, Jibs, Cranes, Dollys and Real Helicopters
With lower set-up times when compared to traditional aerial solutions, and the ability to shoot ‘beyond-the-crane’, Aerial Vision Australia is the obvious solution for your next production. Keep the camera locked on target. Our 3-axis stabilized camera gimbal allows for 360˚ pans & 90˚ tilts. Our camera system beneath the multi copter is operated by a camera operator who has full control over the camera leaving the pilot to safely fly and navigate. Our system also includes a full colour live HD digital video downlink from the camera to the ground allowing our crew and production staff to see what the copter is filming as it happens all while the HD video is being stored on board. We are able to fly over, through, and around areas that would be impossible for conventional helicopters or planes to fly at only a fraction of the price of a full size helicopter!  We stay up to date in the most current UAV technology and offer state of the art technology in camera stabilization and HD videography to give you the best possible product you can find. If you’re looking to add an extra "wow factor" to your video, contact Aerial Vision Australia now. Take a look at just some of the work we have done below. Aerial Vision Australia is proud to be partnering with
HypeTv. HypeTv are a professional Hobart based production company capable of taking your idea from conception to the big screen. Click the link to the right to learn about their passion for video !